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                   All rentals include delivery, setup, pick up, and a personalized keepsake bundle. Our Storks Are Available In Pink, Blue, Or Yellow.                                                    

7 Day Rental      75.00

10 Day Rental    100.00

14 Day Rental    140.00


 7 Day Twins             130.00  (2 Storks, 2 keepsakes)

10 Day Twins             180.00  (2 Storks, 2 keepsakes)

14 Day Twins             260.00  (2 Storks, 2 Keepsakes)                                               

                          Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Stork Signs 

    Stork yard sign rentals are a fun way to welcome and surprise your guests at a baby shower or to announce the gender of your baby at a gender reveal party.

                  1 Day Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Stork Rental 35.00

1 DayBaby Shower or Gender Reveal Stork Rental in your choice of color blue, yellow, or pink Bundle rental that states, The Baby Shower is Here, It's A Girl, It's A Boy, It’s A Granddaughter, It's A Grandson,Blue Or Pink What Do You Think?If you would like a personalized keepsake bundle sign to keep after the rental period, this can be purchased for $20.00

                 1 Day Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Personalized Stork Rental $55.00     

Personalized 1 Day Stork Rental in your choice of color blue, yellow or pink Personalized bundle for you to keep after the rental period, such as Lisa’s Shower is Here! Welcome To Lisa's Baby Shower!Lisa Is Having A Girl,ETC!             


 Additional Personalized Bundle Keepsakes            20.00


 Sibling or Grandparent keepsakes               15.00


Keepsakes Without Stork 40.00

Want to spread the good news but don't have a yard? A bundle or star is perfect for hanging on a front door, in a nursery, or an office cubicle. This keepsake will include your baby's first and middle name, date of birth, weight, and length.                                                             

Delivery fees  

FREE delivery within 35 miles of our office at 4886 Rosehill Road Fayetteville,NC

There is no delivery charge if the delivery address is 35 miles or less from our office. If the delivery address is more than 35 miles away from our home base location in Fayetteville,NC then an additional delivery fee of 0.50 cents per mile will apply. Please email or call us with the delivery address for a price quote.We use Google Maps to calculate delivery distances.