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Choose one of our phrases or create your own!


1. School Name teachers rock!

2. We Love Our Teachers!

3. Happy Birthday (teacher's name)!

4. Welcome Back Students! 

Baby Bottles Great For Baby Shower & More!

1. Blue Or Pink What Do You Think?

2.  Pink or Blue  If we only knew!


1. Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

2. (Age) And Still Swinging! Happy Birthday (Name)!

3. Score A Home Run For (Name) Birthday!

4. Have A Ball On Your Birthday!

5. Let's Have A Ball (Name)!It's Your (Age) Birthday!

6. Having You As A Coach Has Been A Ball!

7. Happy Birthday Coach (Name)!


1. Have A Slam Dunk Birthday (Name)!

2. (Name) Have A Ball On Your Birthday!

3. Let's Have A Ball It's Your (Age) Birthday!

4. (Name) Hoop It Up On Your (Age) Birthday!

5. Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

6. (Name) Hope Your Birthday Hits Nothing' But Net

7. Happy Birthday Coach (Name)!

8. Having You As A Coach Has Been A Ball!

9. Hope Your Birthday Is A Slam Dunk This Year ! 

Beer Mugs 

1.Something's Brewing It's (Name's) (Age) Birthday

2.Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

3.[Age] cheers for [age] years! Happy Birthday!

4.Cheers and Beers Happy [age] Birthday!


  1.  Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

2.  Buzzard Buzzard Go Away (Name) is only (Age) Today!

3. We're Circling For Kevin's 30th Birthday! 

4. (Name) A little Birdie told us your're (Age)!

5. You Know it's (Name) B-Day When The Buzzards Start Circling!

6. We buzzed in to wish Michael a Happy Birthday/Retirement!

7. Happy Birthday (Name) you old buzzard!

8. Happy Birthday (Name) from all the old birds!

9. The old buzzard is 50! Happy Birthday (Name)!

10.We know you're buzzin to get outta here, (Name). Happy Retirement!

11. Happy (Age) Birthday (Name) You Old Bird!

12. Something To Buzz About, (Name) Is (Age!

13. We flew in to wish (Name) a happy (age)   Birthday!

14. We’re Buzzin’ In To Wish you a Happy (age) Birthday! (or Anniversary)!

15. Happy Anniversary You 2 Love Birds! 16. Happy Birthday You Old Buzzard !


 1.  Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)! 

 2. Holy cow (Name) is (Age) now! Happy Birthday!  

3. Mooos Flash! It's (name) (age) birthday!

 4. Your (Age) (Name)Party Till The Cows Come Home!

 5. (Name )It's Your Birthday. Milk It For All It's Worth!

 6. (Name) Don't Have A Cow, You're Only (Age) now! Happy Birthday!

 7. Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's (Age)!

 8. Milk It For All It's Worth! Happy Retirement (Name)!

 9. Have an udderly fantastic retirement(Name)!

10. Have You Herd The Moos? (Name) Graduated!

11.Holy Cow, Have You Herd! (Name]) Is (Age)!

12. Lordy Lordy  (Name) Is (Age) Happy Birthday!

13. Holy Cow (Name) is (Age) Happy Birthday!

14. Happy Birthday, (Name)! Hope your day is  udderly fabulous!

15. Don’t Have A Cow! It’s Only A Birthday!

16. Look who mooved in for (Name)'s birthday!

17. Name's), it's your anniversary! Milk it for all it's worth!

18. Have you herd the moos? (Name) & (Name) are getting hitched!

19. Name's), it's your anniversary! Milk it for all it's worth!


1. We Flew In To Wish (Name) A Happy (Age) Birthday!

2. Something To Crow About - It's (Name's) And (Name's) (Year) Anniversary!

3.Something To Crow About  (Name) Has Graduated)!

4. Something To Crow About  (Name) Is Retiring/Retired!

5. Something To Crow About We Want You To Get Well!


 1. Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

 2. Happy Sweet 16 (Name )!  

3. Happy Sweet 16 (Name ) Love Mom & Dad !

 4. Happy Birthday( Name) From (Name)!

 5. Wishing you the sweetest birthday ever…Happy sweet 16!

 6. Life Is Sweet! Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

 7. Sweet as can be (Name)  is turning (age) !

 8. Life Is Sweet With You  Happy Anniversary !

 9. Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

10. Have A Sweet (Age) Birthday (Name)!

11.Turning (Age) Is A Piece Of Cake Happy Birthday !

12. Sweet Omg HB2U (Name)!

13.Name) It's A Treat To Wish Someone So Sweet A Happy (Age) Birthday! 

14. Thank you for (age) years of sweetness!  

Flamingos Display

1. We flew in for (Name's) (Age) Birthday!

2. Flocks Of Love On Your (Age) Birtthday !

3. Feather you like it or not, It's your (Age) Birthday!

4. The gang's all here for (name's) (Age) Birthday !

5. Happy Bird - Day !

6. (Name) Happy Birthday You Old Bird !

7. We're Tickled Pink To Hear You Are (Age) Today ! Happy B-Day

8. A Little Birdie Told Us You're (Age) Today !

9. Gotcha ! These Birds Don't Sing! Happy Birthday !


1. My Heart still leaps at the thought of you. Hoppy Anniversary!

2. Someone Toad Us (Name) Is Turning (Age)!

3. Don't Croak It's  Only Your (Age) Birthday!

4. Just Jumped In To Wish You A Happy (Age) B-Day !

5. (Name), Have I Toad You Lately That I Love You?

6. Congrats! Somebody Toad Us (Name) Is Graduating! Congrats!

7. Great Job (Name)! Were Hoppy For You! Congrats!

8. (Name) Hoppy Retirement! 

9. Welcome to our new pad !

10. Look Who Made The Big Leap (Name) (Age) !

11. Look Who's (Age) Ribbit Ribbit Happy Birthday (Name)!

12. Hoppy Mothers day !

13. Mom, You’re TOADLY Awesome!

14. Hoppy Birthday (Name) 15.Hoppy Fathers Day

Golf Balls 

1. Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

2. Youre a TEE-rrific Dad! Happy Birthday!

3. Happy Birthday (name), (age) fits you to a tee

4. Happy b-day! Another Year Down the Hole!

5. Happy Birthday to the Grass Hacker of the year!

6. (Name's) having a TEE party! Happy Birthday!

7. Have A Swinging (Age) Birthday Name ! 

  8. (Age) And Still Swinging ! Happy Birthday (Name) !

  9. May Your (Age) Birthday Be Sand Trap Free!

10. Happy Birthday Coach (Name)!

11.Having You As A Coach Has Been A Ball !

 Graduation Hats & Smiley Faces

1. Congrats We Are proud of you Larry!


3. The Tassel Is Worth The Hassle Congrats Don Class Of 2016

4. Congrats Chris We Are Proud Of You!

5. FTCC Graduate 2016 Congrats Kim!

6. Congrats Kim FTCC Class Of 2016!

7. We Are Proud Of You Jon You Did It!

8. Congrats Jon We Love You!


1. Happy (age) birthday (name) love (name)!

2. (Name’s) still young at heart! Happy (age) Birthday

3. My heart beats only for you! Happy (age) Birthday!

4. My heart beats only for you! Will you Marry me!!!

5. (Name) is a real sweet heart at (age)! Happy B-Day!

High Heel Shoes & Purses

 1. Born to shop Happy Birthday Pam!

 2.Happy (Age) Birthday

 3. 50 & Fabulous Happy Birthday Jane!

 4. Birthdays are like shoes and pursesyou can never have too many!

 5. Always in Style Happy Birthday Lisa!


1. Happy Birthday Mary

2.(Name) Don't Let (Age) Bug You - Smile - Happy Birthday!

3.(Name)is still cute as a bug at 40! Don't let this birthday bug you!

4.Our little LADDY is (age) today!

Monkeys & Bananas

1.I'm bananas for ( Name)!

2. Let's go's (insert name)'s Birthday!!

3.Going bananas for (name’s) Birthday

4. Name) Is Still A Funky Monkey At (Age) - Happy Birthday!

5. It's (Name's) (Age) Birthday - Time To Go Bananas!

6. You Drive Me Bananas

Over The Hill Balloons

1. Happy (Age)Birthday(Name)!

2. Look who’s over the hill! Happy (age) Birthday!

3. It Is Better To Be Over The Hill Than Under It! Happy Birthday (Name)!


  1.Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

 2. Snorty Snorty (Name) Is (Age)!

 3. (Name) Pig Out On Cake, It's Your Birthday!

  4. Someone Squealed - It's (Name's) (Age) Birthday!

5. Hogs & Kisses for Tim's Birthday !

6. Someone Squealed - It's (Name's) (Age) Birthday!

7.The porkers are here for (name’s) (age) birthday

8.Happy (age) B-Day (name) hogs and kisses!

9.Happy B-Day (name)! Pig out and go Hog Wild!

10. In pig years you’d be a football – happy (age) (name

11. (MALE) – It’s (name’s) (age)! Happy B-Day Ham-some!

12.( Age) oinks for (name’s) (age) B-Day

13. Happy Birthday Ham-some!!

Presents & Cupcakes

 1.Happy Birthday Name!

Princess Crowns

1.Happy Sweet 16 (Name)!

 2. Happy (Age) Birthday To Our Little Princess!  

3.Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!  

4. Happy (Age) Birthday Princess (Name)!

 5. Princess (Name) Is (Age) Today - Happy Birthday

6. Once A Princess, Always A Princess - Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!   

7.Princess (Name) Kissed The Right Frog - Happy (Years) Anniversary (Name & Name)!

Race Cars

 1. Happy Birthday James!

Smiley Faces 

  1. Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

2. Smile It's Your Birthday (Name)!

 3. (Name) Start your birthday with a smile !

 4. Thanks for the (age) years of smiles! Happy Birthday!

 5.  Thanks for (#) years of smiles! Happy Anniversary/Retirement !

 6. We're grinning ear-to-ear cause it's (name's) (age) birthday is here!

 7. We wanted to start your birthday off with a smile!  

8. We're grinning ear-to-ear cause (name) graduated!

 9. (Name) Thank you for making me smile all these years! Love (Name)!

10.Were on the scene cause (Name) ( Age) ! 

11. Were all smiles for (Name) Birthday!

12. We wanted to start your anniversary off with a smile!

13. Smile, it's (Name's) anniversary today!

14. (Name) Thank you for making me smile all these years!

15. Smile (Name) graduated high school!

16. Look out world hear he/she comes! Class of (20XX)!

17. Congrats (Name) class of (20XX)!

18. You made it, you did it, now lets celebrate it (Name)

19. (Name) Congrats Grad! You Did It!

19. You make me happy(Name)will you marry me?

20.Name Start Your Birthday With a Smile - Or 15 of them!

Soccer Balls

1. Happy Birthday Coach (Name) !

2. Having You As A Coach Has Been A Ball 

SPORTS BALLS Mix & Match  Baseballs, Softballs, Soccer Balls, Basketballs, Footballs, Volleyballs, Tennis Balls, or Golf Balls.

1. Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!

2. Bases are Loaded for a Grand Slam [Age] B-Day!

3. Have a ball on your birthday (name)!

4. Score a home run for (Name’s) Birthday

5. Let’s have a ball (Name)! It’s your (Age) Birthday

6. Happy (Age) Birthday To Our Favorite Sport!

7. Time To Play, It’s (Name’s) (Age) Birthday!

8.( Age) and still swinging! Happy Birthday (Name)!

9. (Name)’s Into Extra Innings At (Age

10. Good Sport Of The Year Happy Birthday (Name)!


1.Happy (Age) Birtday (Name)!

2.Let's Have A Ball It's Your (Age) Birthday 

3.Happy B-Day To My Favorite SoftBall Star!

4. Play hard and hit a homerun! Happy Birthday

5. Happy Birthday (Name)!

6. Having You As A Coach Has Been A Ball !

7.Happy Birthday Coach (Name)!


1. Name) your my shining star Happy Birthday!

2.(name) you’re a superstar at (age) Happy Birthday!

3.I’m seeing stars! (name) is (age) !

    Tennis Balls 

1. Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)

! 2. Happy Birthday (Name)!

3. Happy Birthday Coach (Name)

4. Having You As A Coach Has Been A Ball!

5. It's Your Birthday Have A Ball !

Wedding Bells

Lisa will you marry me?

Welcome to Lisa's Bridal Shower?

Wedding Rings

1. Lisa will you marry me

2.Welcome to Lisa's Bridal Shower

Cary's Yard Cards DBA Fayetteville Stork Lady Proudly Delivers Storks, Birthday Lawn Signs, & Lawn Greetings to Angier, Autryville, Benson, Bunnlevel, Cameron, Coats, Dunn, Erwin, Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Fuquay Varina, Garland, Grays Creek, Hope Mills, Lillington, Lumberton, Parkton, Pinehurst, Raeford, Red Springs, Rockfish, Sanford, Shannon, Southern Pines, Spring Lake, Stedman, ST Paul, And Vass, NC Please feel free to contact us if your area is not listed!! 910-336-7786